Low Back Pain

“There’s been an escalation of clinical and basic science research on manipulative therapy, which has shown there is a scientific basis for the treatment of back pain by manipulation. The physician who makes use of this resource will provide relief for many patients.”
(Canadian Family Physician 1985; 31: 535-540.)

“The treatment that chiropractors offered for low back pain was more effective than that provided by the medical clinics.”
(British Medical Journal, June 2, 1990. 1431-1437.)

For years people have known that chiropractors treat back pain.  Chiropractors have terrific success in providing relief.  What our current healthcare system needs is more collaboration between medical professionals for the benefit of the patient.  Try conservative chiropractic care FIRST and more invasive/aggressive procedures only in a crisis.

Now, all that being said – Chiropractic used MERELY to relieve pain is neglecting its real power.  A chiropractic adjustment is first and foremost about restoring balance.  An adjustment may be necessary with or WITHOUT the presence of pain.

Being adjusted is not so much about what is done TO you, but more about what it ALLOWS your body to DO – ADAPT to everyday stressors more readily.

Reminds me of a saying:

An ounce of prevention is worth… (you know the rest).


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